Fabrication process for tall, sharp, hollow, high aspect ratio polymer microneedles on a platform

Frederik Ceyssens, Buddhadev Paul Chaudhri, Chris Van Hoof, Robert Puers
2013 Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering  
This paper reports on a new lithographic process for fabricating arrays of tall, high aspect ratio (defined as height/wall thickness), hollow, polymer microneedles on a platform. The microneedles feature a high sharpness (down to 3 µm tip radius) and aspect ratio (>65) which is a factor 2 and 4 better than the state of the art, respectively. The maximum achievable needle shaft length is over 1 mm. The improved performance was obtained by using an anisotropically patterned silicon substrate
more » ... icon substrate covered with an antireflective layer as mold for the needle tip and an optimized SU-8 lithographic process. Furthermore, a platform containing liquid feedthroughs holding an arbitrary number of needles out of plane can be manufactured with only one additional process step. The high aspect ratio microneedles undergo failure at the critical load of around 230 mN in case of 1 mm long hollow needles with triangular cross-section and a base of 175 µm. Penetration into human skin is demonstrated as well.
doi:10.1088/0960-1317/23/7/075023 fatcat:5agmcvfnq5ehvmf23dou6tkg34