Decisions concerning resuscitation and end-of-life care in neonates. Bioethical aspects (Part II)
Decisiones en reanimación y cuidados de fin de vida en neonatos. Aspectos bioéticos (parte II)

2022 Archivos Argentinos de Pediatria  
Coping with the death of a newborn infant requires training and reflection regarding the end-of-life decision-making process, communication with the family, and the care to be provided. The objective of this article is to analyze in depth the salient aspects of neonatal bioethics applied to end-of-life situations in newborn infants. Part I describes notions of therapeutic futility, redirection of care criteria, patient and family rights, and concepts about the value of life. Part II analyzes
more » ... uations that deserve considering the redirection of care and delves into aspects of communication and the complex process of end-of-life decision-making in newborn infants.
doi:10.5546/aap.2022-02872.eng pmid:36227264 fatcat:7vqvfi5qovbrhfdlsz32uj5v5u