Symbolic parametrization of curves

J. Rafael Sendra, Franz Winkler
1991 Journal of symbolic computation  
If algebraic varieties like curves or surfaces are to be manipulated by computers, it is essential to be able to represent these geometric objects in an appropriate way. For some applications an implicit representation by algebraic equations is desirable, whereas for others an explicit or parametric representation is more suitable. Therefore, transformation algorithms from one representation to the other are of utmost importance. We investigate the transformation of an implicit representation
more » ... a plane algebraic curve into a parametric representation. Various methods for computing a rational parametrization, if one exists, are described. As a new idea we introduce the concept of working with classes of conjugate (singular or simple) points on curves. All the necessary operations, like determining the multiplicity and the character of the singular points or passing a linear system of curves through these points, can be applied to such classes of conjugate points. Using this idea one can parametrize a curve if one knows only one simple point on it. We do not propose any new method for finding such a simple point. By classical methods a rational point on a rational curve can be computed, if such a point exists. Otherwise, one can express the coordinates of such a point in an algebraic extension of degree 2 over the ground field.
doi:10.1016/s0747-7171(08)80144-7 fatcat:lknq45rd4rbkjilgtb3ghabmc4