Regarding Yiqiejingyinyi classical Japanese manuscripts

Naiqi LI
In the early Inseii period, around 1100 CE, the Ruiju myōgi shō 類聚名義抄 (Zushoryō-bon 図 書寮本 manuscript) was compiled by a monk of the Hossō 法相 sect. The Ruiju myōgi shō quotes a total of around 1,300 Chinese character radicals from Yiqiejingyinyi 一切経音義, which is the largest such collection. The Yiqiejingyinyi, which today exists only in Japan, is extremely valuable owing to its ancient handwriting. There are ten versions of the Yiqiejingyinyi,named according to where they are held: Daiji, Kongōji,
doi:10.14943/jgsl.15.59 fatcat:fvohrnttrnbqdoylhoyvzzxi6u