A LabVIEW-based Video Dehazing using Dark Channel Prior
Dark Channel Prior을 이용한 LabVIEW 기반의 동영상 안개제거

Chang Su Roh, Yeon Gyo Kim, Ui Pil Chong
2017 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
LabVIEW coding for video dehazing was developed. The dark channel prior proposed by K. He was applied to remove fog based on a single image, and K. B. Gibson's median dark channel prior was applied, and implemented in LabVIEW. In other words, we improved the image processing speed by converting the existing fog removal algorithm, dark channel prior, to the LabVIEW system. As a result, we have developed a real-time fog removal system that can be commercialized. Although the existing algorithm
more » ... isting algorithm has been utilized, since the performance has been verified real -time, it will be highly applicable in academic and industrial fields. In addition, fog removal is performed not only in the entire image but also in the selected area of the partial region. As an application example, we have developed a system that acquires clear video from the long distance by connecting a laptop equipped with LabVIEW SW that was developed in this paper to a 100~300 times zoom telescope.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2017.20.2.101 fatcat:4qf76hgotjfdxefvxeno3l3idq