Influence of Climate Change on Soil Water Regime in Koprivnica-Križevci County

Andrija Spoljar, Ivica Kisic, Tomislava Peremin Volf, Dragutin Kamenjak, Drazen Kaucic
2014 Ekológia (Bratislava)  
AbstractSpoljar A., Kisic I., Peremin Volf, T., Kamenjak D., Kaucic D.: Influence of climate change on soil water regime in Koprivnica-Krizevci County. Ekológia (Bratislava), Vol. 33, No. 2, p. 178-187, 2014.The influence of climate change on soil water regime was investigated in the area of Koprivnica- -Krizevci County (Republic of Croatia). Water balance calculations were done for three climatic stations using Thornthwaite and Palmer water balance methods. In the 18-year period (from 1991 to
more » ... riod (from 1991 to 2008), compared with the previously observed 30-year period (from 1961 to 1990), the increase in average mean annual temperature was 1°C. Regarding the global warming, there was an increase in plant water potential during the investigated period. Compared with the previous period and according to Thornthwaite and Palmer methods, there was an increase in water deficit. Negative linear trend in precipitation was detected for all climate stations in the investigated area (p > 0.05) as well as positive linear trend in mean annual temperature (p < 0.05). The calculation of linear trend in water deficit in soil, according to Thornthwaite method, shows that by the year 2020 there could be an increase in water deficit by an average of 13 mm (p > 0.05), whereas according to the Palmer method there could be an increase by an average of 9 mm (p < 0.05 only for the climate station in Krizevci).
doi:10.2478/eko-2014-0018 fatcat:sgwdgh44qjg5da56unmowyxhp4