The cavernicolous genusTrogloniscusnomen novum, with descriptions of four new species from southern China (Crustacea, Oniscidea, Styloniscidae)

Stefano Taiti, Zhihong Xue
2012 Tropical Zoology  
The new name Trogloniscus is established for the terrestrial isopod genus Sinoniscus Schultz, 1995 (Styloniscidae), junior homonym of the fossil fish Sinoniscus Liu and Wang, 1978. Four new species of Trogloniscus from caves in Guangxi and Guizhou, southern China, are described: Trogloniscus hengliensis, Trogloniscus deharvengi, Trogloniscus clarkei and Trogloniscus trilobatus. The first two species are terrestrial and the last two are aquatic, collected in freshwater pools. In the family
more » ... iscidae, only one species (Thailandoniscus annae Dalens, 1989) from southern Thailand was previously known to occur in subterranean waters. C5DD71C
doi:10.1080/03946975.2012.751240 fatcat:les2yqnsofgehi5psjzlp2bnom