Muhammad Hamidon, Liyana Zainudin, Abd Mahamad, Sharifah Saon, Hussein Onn Malaysia
2016 unpublished
In the designing of an acoustic room or other acoustically demanding spaces such as concert hall, community hall and classroom, it is essential to have the sound is distributed equally to all part of the room. Conventionally, the calculation of acoustic room model is done manually by inserting vertices and surfaces one by one from the sound source respect to the model room which is the process is time consuming. This project proposes the way of modelling the room acoustics prediction by using
more » ... ediction by using MATLAB to meet the specification of acoustically demanding space. First, the 3D model of the room or halls is being created in SketchUp and the file will analyse using Odeon. In the same time, calculation will be done by using MATLAB. Subsequently, by using Odeon software, the calculation can be proven, thus the sound propagation can be simulated from any part of the room or halls easily than before to modelling the acoustically demanding space. Thus, the room acoustics prediction can be done accurately and the optimum room for audio demanding space can be created.