Hole–LO phonon interaction inInAs∕GaAsquantum dots

V. Preisler, R. Ferreira, S. Hameau, L. A. de Vaulchier, Y. Guldner, M. L. Sadowski, A. Lemaitre
2005 Physical Review B  
We investigate the valence intraband transitions in p-doped self-assembled InAs quantum dots using far-infrared magneto-optical technique with polarized radiation. We show that a purely electronic model is unable to account for the experimental data. We calculate the coupling between the mixed hole LO-phonon states using the Fr\"ohlich Hamiltonian, from which we determine the polaron states as well as the energies and oscillator strengths of the valence intraband transitions. The good agreement
more » ... between the experiments and calculations provides strong evidence for the existence of hole-polarons and demonstrates that the intraband magneto-optical transitions occur between polaron states.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.72.115309 fatcat:i6yqbh34tveq5l76zmzdx6i2ay