Blocking of an ion channel by a highly charged drug: Modeling the effects of applied voltage, electrolyte concentration, and drug concentration

Marcel Aguilella-Arzo, Javier Cervera, Patricio Ramírez, Salvador Mafé
2006 Physical Review E  
We present a simple physical model to estimate the blocked pore probability of an ion channel that can be blocked by a highly charged drug in solution. The model is inspired by recent experimental work on the blocking of the PA 63 channel, involved in the anthrax toxin infection, by a highly charged drug ͓Karginov et al. PNAS 102, 15075 ͑2005͔͒. The drug binding to the pore is highly specific but the strong dependence of blocking on the applied voltage and electrolyte concentration suggests
more » ... ration suggests that long range electrostatic interactions are important. Since basic electrostatic concepts rather than detailed molecular models are considered, the microscopic details of the channel blocking are ignored, although the model captures most of the qualitative characteristics of the problem.
doi:10.1103/physreve.73.041914 pmid:16711843 fatcat:5b5gjgautfectg5gju43tcehre