Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor as Excellent Thermoelectric Materials

Seohan Kim, Doukyun Kim, Jayoung Byeon, Jaehong Lim, Jaeyong Song, Sunhwa Park, Chulhong Park, Pungkeun Song
2018 Coatings  
It is demonstrated that transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors (TAOS) can be excellent thermoelectric (TE) materials, since their thermal conductivity (κ) through a randomly disordered structure is quite low, while their electrical conductivity and carrier mobility (μ) are high, compared to crystalline semiconductors through the first-principles calculations and the various measurements for the amorphous In−Zn−O (a-IZO) thin film. The calculated phonon dispersion in a-IZO shows non-linear
more » ... shows non-linear phonon instability, which can prevent the transport of phonon. The a-IZO was estimated to have poor κ and high electrical conductivity compared to crystalline In2O3:Sn (c-ITO). These properties show that the TAOS can be an excellent thin-film transparent TE material. It is suggested that the TAOS can be employed to mitigate the heating problem in transparent display devices.
doi:10.3390/coatings8120462 fatcat:bobrdfy3onevdeytzby45auwr4