Effect of Growth Indices on Malnutrition in Infants from Health Medical Centers of Babol, Iran 2011-2012

A Zabihi, M Rafati Rahimzadeh, SR . Jafarian Amiri, P Sajadi, S Asgari
2013 Majallah-i Dānishgāh-i ̒Ulūm-i Pizishkī-i Bābul  
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Malnutrition is a serious medical condition marked by a deficiency of energy, essential protein, fats, vitamins and mineral in a diet. Malnutrition causes a high rate of childhood morbidity and mortality in the world. The aim of this study was to assess the effective factors (anthropometrics) on malnutrition in infants of Babol, Iran.METHODS: This cross-sectional study was performed on 782 infants from six medical health centers in Babol. Data were gathered by using a
more » ... athered by using a questionnaire including demographic and anthropometric information, family characteristics and kind of nutrition. In this study, the height, weight and age measurement was used to evaluate the nutrition condition. NCHS (National Center for Health Statistics) reference which confirmed by WHO were used to compare these measurements. FINDINGS: From 782 infants, 370 (47.3%) were female and 412 (52.7%) were male. 250 infants (89.9%) under 6 months were fed with breast milk and 349 (69.8%) infants above 6 months fed with breast milk and supplementary feeding. 5.4% of female and 0.5% of male infants were underweight, 4.6% of female and 1% of male infants were stunting, and wasting observed in 10.4% of female and 3.9% of male infants. Gender had a relationship with underweight (p=0.000), wasting (p=0.000) and stunting (p=0.002). There was also a significant relationship between birth weight and underweight (p=0.006) and stunting (p=0.000)CONCLUSION: In this study the infants had mild malnutrition based on growth indices. This study showed that the infants had mild malnutrition. So, promoting family awareness about different factors causing malnutrition, family education, family support and nutritional support are recommendedPlease cite this article as follows: Zabihi A, Rafati Rahimzadeh M, Jafarian Amiri SR, Sajadi P, Asgari S. Effect of Growth Indices on Malnutrition in Infants from Health Medical Centers of Babol, Iran 2011-2012.J Babol Univ Med Sci 2013 15(6): 59-65.
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