Fabrication of Defined Polydopamine Nanostructures by DNA Origami-Templated Polymerization

Yu Tokura, Sean Harvey, Chaojian Chen, Yuzhou Wu, David Y. W. Ng, Tanja Weil
2018 Angewandte Chemie  
Av ersatile,b ottom-up approach allows the controlled fabrication of polydopamine (PD) nanostructures on DNAo rigami. PD is ab iosynthetic polymer that has been investigated as an adhesive and promising surface coating material. However,the control of dopamine polymerization is challenged by the multistage-mediated reaction mechanism and diverse chemical structures in PD.D NA origami decorated with multiple horseradish peroxidase-mimicking DNAzyme motifs was used to control the shape and sizeo
more » ... he shape and sizeo fP D formation with nanometer resolution. These fabricated PD nanostructures can serve as "supramolecular glue" for controlling DNAo rigami conformations.F acile liberation of the PD nanostructures from the DNAorigami templates has been achieved in acidic medium. This presented DNAo rigamicontrolled polymerization of ah ighly crosslinked polymer provides aunique access towards anisotropic PD architectures with distinct shapes that were retained even in the absence of the DNAorigami template.
doi:10.1002/ange.201711560 fatcat:3stu2ylws5cgpahjur66dknlbi