Investigating the Factor Structure of the Love Attitude Scale (LAS) with Malaysian Samples

Wan Shahrazad W. S., Suzana Mohd. Hoesni, Chong S.T.
2012 Asian Social Science  
Love is an emotion often experienced by individuals involved in romantic relationships. As a result, love has become an important determining factor in entering marriage among couples. This experience of love may vary across individuals and cultures. Hence, love style measurement serves as an indicator in choosing appropriate partner. We investigate the reliability and validity of the Love Attitude Scale (LAS) in this study. This scale has 24 items which measures six love styles namely Eros,
more » ... us, Storge, Pragma, Mania and Agape. Respondents were 200 individuals ranging from 20-25 years old (100 male and 100 females). Respondents involved in this study were individuals with a partner and have experiences in love. Data were analyzed using alpha Cronbach analysis and factor analysis. Results from factorial analysis showed that the Love Attitude Scale succeeded in extracting six factors as suggested with 67.56% variance. The eigen values ranged from 1.04 to 4.44. Results showed medium high alpha Cronbach value for five dimensions, specifically, =0.79 for Eros, =0.87 for Storge, =0.82 for Pragma, =0.72 for Mania, and =0.83 for Agape. However, Ludus showed the lowest alpha Cronbach value which was =0.39. Findings indicated that this scale is appropriate for use in the Malaysian context and the love styles dimension as suggested by LAS is appropriate for cross cultural context.
doi:10.5539/ass.v8n9p66 fatcat:rqd3bwuhz5gode6rxvhh2ofmba