Impact of Grid Density on the Analysis of the In-Cylinder Flow of an Optical Engine

Alessio Barbato, Clara Iacovano, Francesco Cicci, ATI Associazione Termotecnica Italiana
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The evaluation of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) flows by 3D-CFD strongly depends on a combination of mutually interacting factors, among which grid resolution, closure model, numerics. A careful choice should be made in order to limit the extremely high computational cost and numerical problems arising from the combination of refined grids, high-order numeric schemes and complex geometries typical of ICEs. The paper focuses on the comparison between different grid strategies: in particular,
more » ... es: in particular, attention is focused firstly on near-wall grid through the comparison between multi-layer and single-layer grids, and secondly on core grid density. The performance of each grid strategy is assessed in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency. A detailed comparison is presented against PIV flow measurements of the Spray Guided Darmstadt Engine available at the Darmstadt University of Technology. As many research groups are simultaneously working on the Darmstadt engine using different CFD codes and meshing approaches, it constitutes a perfect environment for both method validation and scientific cooperation. A motored engine condition is chosen and the flow evolution throughout the engine cycle is evaluated on two different section planes. Pros and cons of each grid strategy are highlighted and motivated.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202019706018 fatcat:e3hdcxc42zfjjp554bhnob6654