Industry quantum computing applications

Quantum Technology and Application Consortium – QUTAC, Andreas Bayerstadler, Guillaume Becquin, Julia Binder, Thierry Botter, Hans Ehm, Thomas Ehmer, Marvin Erdmann, Norbert Gaus, Philipp Harbach, Maximilian Hess, Johannes Klepsch (+19 others)
2021 EPJ Quantum Technology  
AbstractQuantum computing promises to overcome computational limitations with better and faster solutions for optimization, simulation, and machine learning problems. Europe and Germany are in the process of successfully establishing research and funding programs with the objective to advance the technology's ecosystem and industrialization, thereby ensuring digital sovereignty, security, and competitiveness. Such an ecosystem comprises hardware/software solution providers, system integrators,
more » ... nd users from research institutions, start-ups, and industry. The vision of the Quantum Technology and Application Consortium (QUTAC) is to establish and advance the quantum computing ecosystem, supporting the ambitious goals of the German government and various research programs. QUTAC is comprised of ten members representing different industries, in particular automotive manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical production, insurance, and technology. In this paper, we survey the current state of quantum computing in these sectors as well as the aerospace industry and identify the contributions of QUTAC to the ecosystem. We propose an application-centric approach for the industrialization of the technology based on proven business impact. This paper identifies 24 different use cases. By formalizing high-value use cases into well-described reference problems and benchmarks, we will guide technological progress and eventually commercialization. Our results will be beneficial to all ecosystem participants, including suppliers, system integrators, software developers, users, policymakers, funding program managers, and investors.
doi:10.1140/epjqt/s40507-021-00114-x fatcat:w3rtjqquzze7nkxnsdrerhya24