Applied autonomous maintenance in the improvement of production quality: a case study

Cloves Wanderlande Torres Ferreira, Jandecy Cabral Leite
2016 ITEGAM- Journal of Engineering and Technology for Industrial Applications (ITEGAM-JETIA)  
The global scenario of the major economic developed countries is a reflection of technological advances making companies competing and strategists. The objective of this paper is to analyze the current maintenance situation at the company studied, identifying technical actions with immediate results and implementing the Autonomous Maintenance (MA) to improve the performance of a white line production process in a company at the Industrial Pole of Manaus. It was achieved with this, to identify
more » ... this, to identify the problem in its early stages and encourage the operator to have a closer relationship with his process by detecting and resolving the possible failures. The data used were obtained from the company during the period from December 2015 until July 2016, and are related to stops identified by a leak detector. The applied methods are the qualitative and quantitative approach. The information was obtained from employees of the assembly line area, production leaders and representatives of maintenance, through questionnaires, obtained from data files (document analysis) and a history of reports of problems. The results achieved are: the application of the MA in the company, the increase in productivity; reducing the stop time of the production line, the availability of maintenance personnel to solve other problems, greater involvement of operators with their activity, less time in the implementation of equipment maintenance; greater involvement between maintenance and production. These improvements turned the company more competitive and sustainable.
doi:10.5935/2447-0228.20160026 fatcat:s22fmz6m25d2rkbandsx6sb32u