Category «public service» as a scientific research object

T. V. Serohina
2018 Aspekti Publìčnogo Upravlìnnâ  
The article is devoted to the study of the development of the concept of «public service» in an independent Ukraine. It was found out that since the beginning the concept of «management service» is one of the most widespread. From a legal point of view, a management service is the creation of organizational conditions for the realization of the right by a citizen or another subject of administrative-legal relations. Instead from the point of view of public administration, «management service»
more » ... a result of the functional activity of the state body in the development and implementation of state policy on the regulation of a particular sector of the economy or social life. It was established that in addition was used concepts of the similar content, which amplified the terminological uncertainty. As a result, an approach has been developed in which the services of public authorities are divided into four groups: state, municipal, administrative and public. In this approach, public services are divided into state and municipal, depending on the subject of the service, administrative services are provided both by executive authorities and local self-government. The only kind of public services found in the regulatory framework is administrative services. In the Law of Ukraine «On Administrative Services», the term administrative service is used as a result of exercising power by the subject of the providing of administrative services on the application of a natural or legal person, aimed at acquiring, changing or terminating the rights and / or duties of such person in accordance with the law. The process of formation, the concept of «public services» in independent Ukraine can be divided into four stages, the first of which is the stage of domination in the national scientific thought of the concept of «management services». The second stage is the division of services into separate groups - state, municipal, administrative, and all of these groups belong to one group of public services. The third stage (ongoing to date) is characterized by the consolidation and final formulation of the term «public services» as the basic concept of the system of providing services by public authorities. The fourth stage can only be predicted, nevertheless, it is essentially a logical continuation of these three stages, when the legal fixing of the concept takes place.
doi:10.15421/15201818 fatcat:nql7m5mh6nh47fhqu2xuo3oqku