Shear elasticity probe for soft tissues with 1-D transient elastography

L. Sandrin, M. Tanter, J.-L. Gennisson, S. Catheline, M. Fink
2002 IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control  
Important tissue parameters such as elasticity can be deduced from the study of the propagation of low frequency shear waves. A new method for measuring the shear velocity in soft tissues is presented in this paper. Unlike conventional transient elastography [1], [2] in which the ultrasonic transducer and the low frequency vibrator are two separated parts, the new method relies on a probe that associates the vibrator and the transducer, which is built on the axis of the vibrator. This setup is
more » ... asy to use. The low frequency shear wave is driven by the transducer itself that acts as a piston while it is used in pulse echo mode to acquire ultrasonic lines. The results obtained with the new method are in good agreement with those obtained with the conventional one.
doi:10.1109/58.996561 fatcat:gwakjzgeeneara5ttqk6vtrkie