A Study Of Changes In The Lipid Profile, Malondialdehyd And Superoxide Desmutase In Normal Pregnancy

Mozeiyan Namik, Muniif Al-Janaby, Sahla Abbas
2019 Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies  
175 ‫الدالة‬ ‫الكممات‬ ‫الدىني‬ ‫االستقالب‬ ‫فرط‬ ‫حالة‬ ‫الحمل‬ ‫يمثل‬ : hyperlipidemia ‫من‬ ‫كل‬ ‫مستويات‬ ‫فييا‬ ‫تفع‬ ‫تر‬ ‫حيث‬ TC ‫و‬ TG ‫و‬ LDL ‫الدىون‬ ‫بيروكسدة‬ ‫عممية‬ ‫اتج‬ ‫نو‬ ‫مستويات‬ ‫فييا‬ ‫تفع‬ ‫تر‬ ‫تأكسدي‬ ‫اجياد‬ ‫حالة‬ ‫الحمل‬ ‫ويمثل‬ ‫كما‬ ، MDA ‫فييا‬ ‫وتنخفض‬ ‫االكسدة‬ ‫مضادات‬ ‫مستويات‬ SOD . Abstract The study included (120) pregnancies during the months and the trimesters of pregnancy: first trimester, second trimester and third trimester conducted in Aljmhwry
more » ... d in Aljmhwry Republican hospital and Al-salaam Health center / Kirkuk with (20) (non-pregnant) women whom served as control, and (20) as postpartum 1n the age (18-40) years. the study was carried out from 1/3/2016 -5/3/2017. The aim of this study to evaluate the serum levels of lipid profile (TC,TG,HDL and LDL), malondialdehyde (MDA) as an oxidative stress marker and superoxide dismutase as an antioxidant enzyme during pregnancy period and post-partum. The results showed a significant differentes in lipid profile and a significant increase in MDA during the months and the trimesters of pregnancy, while there was a significant decrease in superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity during pregnancy and in postpartum in comparison with those of control group.
doi:10.32894/kujss.2019.14.1.12 fatcat:ewotahmejjasbohy2dqg6ienjq