Numerical Results on Operating Parameters Influence for a Heat Recovery Adsorption Machine

W. Chekirou, R. Boussehain, M. Feidt, A. Karaali, N. Boukheit
2011 Energy Procedia  
In this paper, a detailed thermodynamic and parametric analysis of simple and regenerative cycle of an adsorptive machine using the activated carbon AC-35/methanol as adsorbent/adsorbate pair is given, where the Dubinin-Astakhov equation is used to describe the isotherm of adsorption. For describing the thermodynamic cycle, for different operating conditions (evaporation and condensation temperatures), two limit-points concerning the adsorption and the desorption are determined. Two functions
more » ... ed. Two functions of the incoming and outgoing energy for the regenerative cycle using two isothermal adsorbers have been calculated, in order to obtain the heated adsorber temperature at the end of heat recovery. Results are presented in terms of performances. These results demonstrated that the performance coefficient of double bed adsorption refrigeration cycle increases with respect to the single bed configuration. Several main factors affecting the performance of cycle, the heat recovery ratio, the regenerative heat and the temperature at the end of heat recovery are discussed according to the results of computer simulations.
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2011.05.024 fatcat:e657pp7n2bcttmqkoilfjvhsua