SCIENCE OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS Journal of Tsunami Society International Volume 32 Number 2 2013 IMPACT OF TSUNAMI FORCES ON STRUCTURES

D Palermo, I Nistor, T Al-Faesly, A Cornett
2013 unpublished
Over the past seven years, a comprehensive interdisciplinary research program has been conducted between researchers at the University of Ottawa and at the Canadian Hydraulics Centre (CHC) of the National Research Council of Canada. The objectives of this ongoing research program are to identify and quantify forces that are imposed on near-shoreline structures when exposed to tsunami-induced hydraulic bores and to investigate mitigation strategies to dampen these forces. The experimental
more » ... nt of this research program involves two structural models (square and circular) that are tested in the High Discharge Flume at CHC. The structural models are instrumented to record base shear force-, base overturning moment-, pressure-, acceleration-, lateral displacement-and bore depth-time histories continually during testing. Impact loading resulting from wood debris of different sizes and located at predetermined distances from the structural models is also studied. Furthermore, this research program aims to review tsunami-induced forces on structures prescribed by recent design documents.