Implementation of Fuzzy Tuned PID Controller Using PIC18F2520 for Speed Control of BLDC Motor

2019 Control Theory and Informatics  
Brushless direct current (BLDC) Motor finds widespread application in Engineering such as robotics, aerospace, biomedical systems, conveyor systems, electric vehicles etc. This is due to their superior electrical and mechanical characteristics. This research work focus on implementation of a Fuzzy-Tuned PID controller around PIC18F2520 microcontroller, for the speed control of a Brushless direct current (BLDC) motor. Fuzzy logic is used to update the gains of the PID controller online. The
more » ... ts prove the superiority of the Fuzzy-tuned PID controller over its conventional counterpart as it has lower steady state errors and more robust to parameter variations and load disturbances.
doi:10.7176/cti/8-08 fatcat:ze5jznyd4nezlj2lxybdgyijt4