Sampling for oil source rock analysis, Scoresby Sund region, central East Greenland

N.B.H Stevens, K Perch-Nielsen
1973 Rapport Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse  
From the 12th to 25th of July outcrops of bituminous shales and limestones at four localities were visited by the authors. Three of the outcrops, at Fleming Fjord opposite Wegener Halvø, at Nathorst Fjord and at Edderfugledal were of Myalina Limestone of the Triassic Solfaldsdal Member. The fourth locality in the Schuchert Flod area near the western edge of the sedimentary basin involved the Upper Permian Posidonia Shale Member. The main purpose of the field work was for Stevens, as the
more » ... consultant, to get acquainted with the geology of the main rock types in the field, mainly with respect to environments of deposition and also to discover indications or proofs of the migration of hydrocarbons. Perch-Nielsen being conversant with the geology from previous seasons mapping acted as field guide. Samples were collected for analysis to increase the information already obtained from samples collected by the Survey during previous mapping.
doi:10.34194/rapggu.v55.7352 fatcat:aylfyrh6fvfeno5sqadxteazbq