MIP-plicits: Level of Detail Factorization of Neural Implicits Sphere Tracing [article]

Vinícius da Silva, Tiago Novello, Guilherme Schardong, Luiz Schirmer, Hélio Lopes, Luiz Velho
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We introduce MIP-plicits, a novel approach for rendering 3D and 4D Neural Implicits that divide the problem into macro and meso components. We rely on the iterative nature of the sphere tracing algorithm, the spatial continuity of the Neural Implicit representation, and the association of the network architecture complexity with the details it can represent. This approach does not rely on spatial data structures, and can be used to mix Neural Implicits trained previously and separately as
more » ... levels. We also introduce Neural Implicit Normal Mapping, which is a core component of the problem factorization. This concept is very close and analogous to the classic normal mapping on meshes, broadly used in Computer Graphics. Finally, we derive an analytic equation and an algorithm to simplify the normal calculation of Neural Implicits, adapted to be evaluated by the General Matrix Multiply algorithm (GEMM). Current approaches rely on finite differences, which impose additional inferences on auxiliary points and discretization error.
arXiv:2201.09147v1 fatcat:rr27c4e32zhjvghdcevdxwvqhm