Farmers' Knowledge of uses of Various Parts of Hibiscus Sabdraiffa (Roselle) and the Processes of Preparing Sobo Drink in Aniocha Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

Olatunji, F Onumadu, U Etuk
Hibiscus sabdariffa L. which belong to the family of Malvaceae is cultivated for its leaves, seeds, calyces and roots because every part of the plant is useful. The study assessed farmers' knowledge of uses of various parts of hibiscus sabdraiffa (Roselle) and the processes of preparing sobo drink in Amiocha Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was employed to select a sample of 140 farm families who responded to a 22-item interview schedule that was used
more » ... edule that was used for data collection. Relevant data were analyzed using descriptive statistics such as mean, percentage, pooled mean and ranking. Among others, it was found that majority of the respondents have knowledge of only four (4) out of 27 listed uses of various parts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa. For example, about 92.1% and 68.6% of respondents have knowledge that the leaves are used as vegetables in soup and in food manufacturing respectively. Between 62.9% and 92.1% of respondents are ignorant of the over 23 other uses of the leaves, calyx, seed, juice and roots highlighted in this study. Majority of respondents are aware of only 3 health benefits of sobo drink while they are ignorant of its several other health benefits. Only about 27.1% of sampled farm families have adequate knowledge of materials used and processes of preparation of sobo dink while as large as 72.9% are ignorant of its preparation processes. It was recommended that appropriate extension programmes and activities be planned and implemented with a view to bridging the wide gap in farmers' knowledge of the numerous medicinal, health, economic and other uses of various parts of Hibiscus sabdariffa. For example, the Women In Agriculture should undertake massive awareness and training campaign to farm families on uses of the various parts of the plant, processes for preparing sobo drink and information on the other health benefits of utilizing this cheap source of vitamin and minerals salts.