Sławomir Godek
2016 Zeszyty Prawnicze  
On Litigiousness in Lithuania according to Włodzimierz Gadon Summary Litigiousness is often mentioned in turn-of-the-18th- and 19th-century correspondence, memoirs and academic studies as a widespread abuse plaguing Lithuania. In 1818 an analysis of the causes of its prevalence was conducted in a short essay by Włodzimierz Gadon. Some of the causes he listed were inadequate land registration, a deficient statute of limitations, no mortgage law and no justices of the peace, professional
more » ... ofessional pettifoggers, dishonest officials, poorly educated judges and the custom of landowners prosecuting runaway peasants years after their escape. The measures Gadon recommended against litigiousness were a land registration act, a uniform statute of limitations, the institution of a mortgage law and justices of the peace, and the prosecution of professional pettifoggers and dishonest officials.
doi:10.21697/zp.2012.12.1.05 fatcat:ef6l25ysmrd25abzt7bg5hkkvq