Trace element levels in children with atopic dermatitis

M Toyran, M Kaymak, E Vezir, K Harmanci, A Kaya, T Giniş, G Köse, C N Kocabaş
2012 Journal of investigational allergology & clinical immunology  
Trace elements are micronutrients that are present in small amounts in the body and are essential for normal functioning of the immune and antioxidant systems. Inflammation and oxidative stress are major pathogenic mechanisms in the development of atopic dermatitis (AD). The role of micronutrients in AD has been investigated in a limited number of studies, although the results are contradictory. In this study, we examined the levels of iron, copper, and magnesium in serum and the level of zinc
more » ... the level of zinc in erythrocytes in children with AD. We compared our findings with those of a healthy control group. The study population comprised 92 AD patients and 70 controls. We performed a complete blood count and measured levels of iron, copper, and magnesium in serum and levels of zinc in erythrocytes. We found that serum magnesium and erythrocyte zinc levels were lower in children with AD than in the control group; levels of copper and iron did not differ between the groups. The levels of micronutrients studied were not correlated with disease severity. Evaluation of zinc and magnesium levels in children with AD could prove useful. The role of micronutrients in the pathogenesis and course of AD warrants further study.
pmid:23101308 fatcat:66ksqflpdfaqbk2zeet4fpkd7a