Manipulation of the magnetron orbit of a positron cloud in a Penning trap

T. Mortensen, A. Deller, C. A. Isaac, D. P. van der Werf, M. Charlton, J. R. Machacek
2013 Physics of Plasmas  
We describe a simple and versatile method to manipulate the amplitude of the magnetron orbit of ions stored in a Penning trap, applied here to a cloud of low energy positrons. By applying a pulsed voltage to a split electrode in the trap, which is normally used for rotating wall compression of the particles, the size of the magnetron orbit can be changed at will. The modified orbit has been shown to be stable for many magnetron periods. The technique could find use in applications which require
more » ... off-axis ejection of particles, for instance in the filling of arrays of traps for multicell positron storage. V C 2013 American Institute of Physics. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4789880 fatcat:kplnehxvobbhhhaqsjnqq4va4a