Internal Loading Distribution In Statically Loaded Ball Bearings, Subjected To A Combined Radial And Thrust Load, Including The Effects Of Temperature And Fit

Mário C. Ricci
2009 Zenodo  
A new, rapidly convergent, numerical procedure for internal loading distribution computation in statically loaded, singlerow, angular-contact ball bearings, subjected to a known combined radial and thrust load, which must be applied so that to avoid tilting between inner and outer rings, is used to find the load distribution differences between a loaded unfitted bearing at room temperature, and the same loaded bearing with interference fits that might experience radial temperature gradients
more » ... een inner and outer rings. For each step of the procedure it is required the iterative solution of Z + 2 simultaneous nonlinear equations – where Z is the number of the balls – to yield exact solution for axial and radial deflections, and contact angles.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1071128 fatcat:or3367wzcfczvdy77vulyeuueu