Linkage Analysis of Candidate Loci for End-Stage Renal Disease due to Diabetic Nephropathy

S. K. Iyengar
2003 Journal of the American Society of Nephrology  
Diabetic nephropathy (DN), a major cause of ESRD, is undoubtedly multifactorial and is caused by environmental and genetic factors. To identify a genetic basis for DN susceptibility, we are collecting multiplex DN families in the Caucasian (CA) and African-American (AA) populations for whole genome scanning and candidate gene analysis. A candidate gene search of diabetic sibs discordantly affected, concordantly affected and concordantly unaffected for DN was performed with microsatellite
more » ... crosatellite markers in genomic regions suspected to harbor nephropathy susceptibility loci. Regions examined were at human chromosome 10p,10q (orthologous to the rat renal susceptibility Rf-1 locus), and at NPHS1 (nephrin), CD2AP, Wilms tumor (WT1), and NPHS2 (podocin) loci. Linkage analyses were conducted using model-free methods (SIBPAL, S.A.G.E.) for AA, CA, and the combined sample. Allele frequencies and the identity by descent sharing were estimated separately for AA and CA, and race was included as a covari-Correspondence to Dr. Sudha Iyengar,
doi:10.1097/01.asn.0000070078.66465.55 pmid:12819328 fatcat:aadh6z7p6bcrbkafuv5vtduc3e