A Multi-Perspective 3D Reconstruction Method with Single Perspective Instantaneous Target Attitude Estimation

Dan Xu, Mengdao Xing, Xiang-Gen Xia, Guang-Cai Sun, Jixiang Fu, Tao Su
2019 Remote Sensing  
Due to the limited information of two-dimensional (2D) radar images, the study of three-dimensional (3D) radar image reconstruction has received significant attention. However, the target attitude obtained by the existing 3D reconstruction methods is unknown. In addition, using a single perspective, one can only get 3D reconstruction result of a simple target. For a complex target, due to occlusion and scattering characteristics, 3D reconstruction information obtained from a single perspective
more » ... single perspective is limited. To tackle the above two problems, this paper proposes a new method for multi-perspective 3D reconstruction and single perspective instantaneous target attitude estimation. This method consists of three steps. First, the result of 3D reconstruction with unknown attitude is obtained by the traditional matrix factorization method. Then, in order to obtain the attitude of a target 3D reconstruction, additional constraints are added to the projection vectors which are computed from the matrix factorization method. Finally, the information from different perspectives are merged into a single layer information according to certain rules. After the information fusion, a multi-perspective 3D reconstruction structure with better visibility and more information is obtained. Simulation results have proved the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed method.
doi:10.3390/rs11111277 fatcat:fi67yphmvfepxnhlxeh5zsbhsu