1920 Annals of Applied Biology  
6. Honorary Members shall be persons, not subjects oJ the 9. Bn Annual General Mcetitig shall be hclcl a i d shall ordinarily he the General At this meeting the order of business shall he: Meeting falling nearest to the end of the year or as the Council shall decide. 1. The reading of the minutes of the previous meetdng. . 2. The reading of a report of the Council on the work of the pmt year. 3. The statement of the Treasurer. 4. The election of members. 5. The election of Officers a,nd othcr
more » ... eml)rrs of the Council. 6. Other business. 10. The business of the Association shall be conducted by a Council coiisisting of a President, not more than five Honorary Vir!c-l'rrsidt~nts, :I 'ihiisurer, on(. or more Secretaries, arid twelve! ot.her mcnilms. 11. The Council slia.11 noniinatt~ t h e 0ffirrr.s ;inql i)tIir*r .\lcwilwrs of the ('onncil for the ensuing pear. A list of sric:ti norninatiotw shall lit. srvit t o ;&I1 mi~inlielw rt,sidcnt in the United Kingdoni ;it Icwt thwr w w k s I)vforc. t hi, .\iii111;11 (~( * n t d 3lwting. The President shall* two .Il(wI)aw of ( ' o i i i i c d t o t t ( d r7.s \:ic*cb-I'wsirli.iita. Any Member proposing a.11 ;tddititrn to. i)r iiii ;iltc.ixtion i i i . 11iv list niiii;t inform t h i s Honorary Secret,ary hy letter a.t Iriisl tvri iltiys I i c h n . t tic . \ t i n i i~i I I kiicnl 3li.i.ting. The nomina.t.ions shall t i ( , i*oiitiimi<vl 1))t IIO iiii~iiilni~i~s ~i i~w~t i t :II 1 tic . \ I I I I I J~~ General Meeting and a ballot shall Ite t;c.lic.ri in i h~~i~v t~r i t o f .i.tiy :iilrlitions ciriilft.ixtiotis being proposed. 12. The ('ouncil niav till r i p aiiv v;iv;tnry that. tnay o w w r in t h i . list o f OHic and Council. 13. The Council sha,ll r i i i~~t at tiriics it.s 1lii.y iiiti,y (lt~trrniiiii~; six n i c . r t i l ) t w shall form a quorum. The Council shall purchasisuch I)ooks, inst ru tntsnts, spc.cimc.ns, furniturc itncl other necessaries as may be rcquirrd, p;ws t Iic ;iwounts ;riid ttuthorisc theair paynicnt, and generally manage the affairs and adniinistc~r 1
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