Rock Burst Forecasting and Prevention Technology of Thin Coal Seam in Xinxing Mine

Yongli Liu, Yanmin Shu, Tao Qin
Rock burst is a inevitable dynamic instability phenomenon. As the coal mining depth and strength increase, rock-burst hazards has become increasingly serious.In recent years, rock-burst accidents happen frequently in the new mines, influence the safety production seriously. According to our investigation, the rock burst characteristics of Xinxing mine is different from the characteristics of rock burst of the medium thick coal seam, medium hard coal, geologic structure, and coal pillars. The
more » ... oal pillars. The Xinxing mine has characteristics such as thin hard seam, hard thick roof, big inclination, and so on.Although Xinxing coal mine has implemented corresponding research in the treatment of rock-burst, it failed to form a rock-burst control technology system which is accord with their own characteristics and effective. At the present, it is urgently needed for Xinxing coal mine to develop further study on the Mechanism , monitoring means and control measures of rock-burst to to develop effective prevention programs, improve the ability of preventing rock burst and reduce the security risks. According to the case of investigation, the rock-burst in Xinxing coal mine which has obvious characteristics of thin hard seam, hard and thick roof, and large inclined angle is significantly different from the ones in Common at home and abroad that have Medium-thickness Seam , medium hard coal, structure or coal pillars.The research results have important guiding and practical significance in forecasting and controlling rock burst in mines which have similar mining conditions to xinxing mine.Through analyzing rock-burst mechanism, monitoring work face, managing and optimizing mining design in Xinxing mine, control technology measures of rock-burst and mining design scheme were determined reasonably. Through the implementation in Xinxing mine, rock-burst disasters can be controlled effectively.