The Role of Sea State to the Morphological Changes of Prasonisi Tombolo, Rhodes Island, Greece

Dimitra I. Malliouri, Stelios Petrakis, Dimitrios Vandarakis, Katerina Kikaki, Georgios-Angelos Hatiris, Fragkiska-Karmela Gad, Ioannis P. Panagiotopoulos, Vasilios Kapsimalis
2022 Water  
Wave-induced morphodynamic processes that cause formation, preservation, and destruction of the Prasonisi tombolo in Rhodes Island are investigated, based on satellite image analysis and numerical modeling. A new method is developed for extracting wave events that consist of successive wave data of similar characteristics. The wave events refer either to wind seas or swell seas. This process combined with the satellite image analysis is then utilized for the derivation of the most
more » ... wave scenarios that affect tombolo and salient formation. In particular, the main factors that play a significant role in tombolo and salient evolution are the offshore wave conditions, the location and width of the surf zone, the maximum value of the wave breaking index in the study area, and the initial bottom bathymetry before the study area is exposed to a new sea state. In general, the proposed method provides a realistic insight into tombolo morphodynamics and can be used to provide a cost-effective approach and a wave data-reduction technique for coastal engineering studies.
doi:10.3390/w14132016 fatcat:kjzz7hfxzvcizgeimbwkypxmuq