1919 Journal of the American Medical Association  
to Bologna, Italy, and thence on its own wheels to Bucharest under the care of Col. George de Tarnowsky of the American army. The autochir consists of a roentgen-ray truck, an electrogenic group with accessory parts, a heating plant, a rolling machine-shop, an electric lighting plant, an operating room with plate glass cabinets containing every known sur¬ gical instrument, ambulance trucks containing beds for twenty patients, four ambulances capable of accommodating six severely wounded or
more » ... ely wounded or twelve slightly wounded men, tent hospital trucks, an acetylene truck for lighting the hospital, store-room trucks with large supplies of blankets, cots, sheets, dressings and drugs. There is also a large truck which contains sleeping rooms for physicians, nurses and interns. Eighteen huge trucks resembling American moving vans con¬ stitute the complete hospital. It has moved up near the Roumanian army, where it is functioning with speed and efficiency.
doi:10.1001/jama.1919.02610410049022 fatcat:oomri4uslffldhpmc6zrd2eofy