Asupan Gizi Dengan Pengendalian

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Diabetes is non communicable diseases that will increase in number and becomes the cause of a number of pain and death. Diabetes is becoming a fairly serious illness and gets attention because diabetes can cause complications that invade the entire body. An increasing number of diabetics is largely influenced by the lifestyle of the community. Diabetes also provide big economic burden influence for her treatment. The purpose of the short term management of DM is the loss of a variety of
more » ... variety of complaints/symptoms of diabetes so that sufferers can enjoy a healthy and comfortable life. These goals can be achieved with good metabolic control remains as reflected by its normal levels of glucose and lipid profile. The purpose of this research is to know the nutritional intake of the relationship with the controlling type II diabetes in outpatient diabetisi at BLU hospital Prof. Dr. r. d. Kandou Manado. The method used in this research include observational analytic with cross sectional design, implemented in July 2012. Samples are obtained in accidental sampling of 31 people. Data analysis using SPSS 10.0 with Correlation test. Menukjukkanu uptake of research results of energy, fat and carbs associated with control of blood glucose levels, but the intake of protein is not related to the control of blood glucose levels. There is a relationship between intake of protein, carbohydrates and total cholesterol levels of control. There is no relationship between the intake of nutrients with the levels of LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels.