Direct numerical simulation of an atomizing biodiesel jet: Impact of fuel properties on atomization characteristics

Yue Ling, Guillaume Legros, Stéphane Popinet, Stéphane Zaleski
2017 Proceedings ILASS–Europe 2017. 28th Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems   unpublished
The utilization of biodiesel is an effective approach to reduce pollution from internal combustion engines and thushas attracted steadily increasing interest in the recent years. As the viscosity of biodiesel is much higher than that of standard diesel, the atomization characteristics of a biodiesel jet can significantly deviate from those of a standard diesel jet under identical injection conditions. Since atomization of the injected fuel has a strong impact on fuel-air mixing and the
more » ... combustion processes, it is important to investigate the atomization of biodiesel and in particular to understand how the fuel properties affect the atomization process and the resulting spray character- istics. In the present study, three-dimensional direct numerical simulations are conducted to investigate atomizing biodiesel and diesel jets. The novel adaptive multiphase solver Basilisk is used for simulations. The statistics ofdroplets formed in the biodiesel jet is compared to the diesel jet under identical injection conditions.DOI:
doi:10.4995/ilass2017.2017.5035 fatcat:4jnawx43azee7ieybm6y3tv3ta