Efficient 2D Detection and Positioning of Complex Objects for Robotic Manipulation Using Fully Convolutional Neural Network

Dominik Štursa, Daniel Honc, Petr Doležel
2021 Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems  
Programming industrial robots in a real-life environment is a significant task necessary to be dealt with in modern facilities. The "pick up and place" task is undeniably one of the regular robot programming problems which needs to be solved. At the beginning of the "pick and place" task, the position determination and exact detection of the objects for picking must be performed. In this paper, an advanced approach to the detection and positioning of various objects is introduced. The approach
more » ... s based on two consecutive steps. Firstly, the captured scene, containing attentive objects, is transformed using a segmentation neural network. The output of the segmentation process is a schematic image in which the types and positions of objects are represented by gradient circles of various colors. Secondly, these particular circle positions are determined by finding the local maxima in the schematic image. The proposed approach is tested on a complex detection and positioning problem by evaluation of total accuracy.
doi:10.25046/aj0602104 fatcat:g3gbosz3rjafdeujem5bm2fzti