Licensed professions: a new look at the association between social origins and educational attainments in Italy Working [post]

Lucia Ruggera
2021 unpublished
This article investigates the association between social origins and education by focusing on fields of study within tertiary education and by disaggregating the upper class of social origin into different meso-classes and micro-classes of professionals. It has long been known that Italy is characterised by the highest levels of professional regulation in Europe, but little attention has been given to the link between professional regulation and educational stratification. This paper therefore
more » ... is paper therefore analyses micro-dynamics of professionals' social reproduction in Italy. These processes of intergenerational mobility come to light in the first place by linking micro-classes of social origin to fields of study. Using ISTAT's "Sbocchi Professionali dei Laureati" survey (2011) and employing multinomial logistic regression analyses, this article demonstrates how social selection into highly regulated fields of study is guided by parents' profession domains; sons and daughters of professionals are analysed separately. Finally, insights into an additional distinction between employed and self-employed professionals' social reproduction are also offered.
doi:10.31235/ fatcat:tf46gi3bufgilgtw7kl6nnt4im