Atatürk'ün Kişiliğinde Bilgelik Vasfının Tezahürü ve Toplum Hayatına Yansıması

2006 Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
In this study, assuming that the concept of "wisdom" is closely connected with the capability of incorporating an operationel dimension into "knowledge", I argue that Atatürk's wise characteristies lies in his: 1) understanding of scientific systems, 2) treating the concepts of religion, languaga and culture, and) interpreting the changing social circumtances in connection with national unity. Traditionally the cocept of "wisdom" has been seen to be connected with love of knowledge. However, in
more » ... this study this concept is construed in a larger perspective in connection with Atatürk's personal characteristies in the sense that the most important aspect of the concept of wisdom is its relation to the capabilty of incorporating an operationel dimension into knowledge.
doi:10.1501/ilhfak_0000000034 fatcat:7x32w7p6braaljn62ridvks5vq