The structure of secretory tissue of the stigma and septal nectaries as well as nectar secretion of flowers of Hosta fortunei Baker L. H. Bailey (Funkiaceae)

Mirosława Chwil
2012 Acta Agrobotanica  
A study of <i>Hosta fortunei</i> Baker L. H. Bailey (Funkiaceae) flowers was conducted in the years 2007 - 2008. The flower life span and flowering duration as well as the nectar production rate were determined. The structure of the tissues of the stigma and nectary was investigated using stereoscopic, light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The plants flowered over a period of five weeks. Flowers of <i>H. fortunei</i> lived two days, on the average. Developed a pistil with an elongated
more » ... ary terminating in a discal stigma. On the surface of the stigma, unicellular glandular trichomes grew densely, composed of a stalk with a length of 113 - 213 µm and a head which was characterised by a large diameter range of 54 - 96 µm. The cuticle on the apical surface of a part of the trichomes was smooth, whereas it was striated on the stalk. Their protoplast was characterised by dense cytoplasm and weak vacuolisation. In the head of the trichomes fatty substances were accumulated. Septal nectaries occurred in the ovary of the superior pistil. Nectar was exuded onto the surface through three openings, situated in the upper part of the ovary of the pistil. At these places, epidermal cells formed a smooth or slightly wrinkled cuticle. The outer walls of the cells of the epidermis covering the duct accumulating nectar were thick. The glandular tissue of the nectary was made up of 2 layers of different-shaped, thin-walled cells and a deeply stained protoplast. They contained dense cytoplasm and a large, frequently lobate nucleus. At the final stage of secretion, fine vacuoles were observed in the cytoplasm of the glandular cells. Nectar secretion was abundant. In its initial stage, secretion droplets, increasing during the activity of the glandular tissue, were observed on the epidermis surface around the nectar openings. The weight of nectar from 10 flowers was 92.41 mg. The sugar concentration in the nectar was within a range of 23% - 30%, with an average value of 26%. Sugar yield was 23.83 mg/from 10 flowers.
doi:10.5586/aa.2009.004 fatcat:cpfafsm3x5b33nweisdosj2beu