Effects of particle characteristics on performance of RR5K PETN [report]

J.W. Jr. Rogers, A.A. Duncan
1982 unpublished
UC-35 A particle characterization of production lots of RR5K PETN has been completed. Prediction models were derived which identify those particle characteristics which influence sensitivity and performance. Those factors which have a positive influence on threshold burst current were also found to have a positive influence on transit time. The models may be useful in screening new lots of PETN prior to test firing. In general, large distributions of shapes and sizes, with the larger particles
more » ... eing needle-like or elongated, lead to low threshold burst currents and short transit times. The threshold burst current was also found to be inversely proportional to the temperature at which the units were test fired.
doi:10.2172/5251499 fatcat:iyh7qxieufaepcuezx7o5lbp6y