Radu Olar
The recent researches on nanomaterials and nanotechnologies have highlighted the potential use of these materials in various fields such as medicine, construction, automobile industry, energy, telecommunications and informatics. This is due to the special characteristics of materials at the nano scale. Building materials domain can be one of the main beneficiaries of these researches, with applications that will improve the characteristics of concrete, steel, glass and insulating materials.
more » ... ting materials. Improving the materials resistances and the increasing of their durability will reduce environmental pollution by reducing the carbon footprint of the building. In general, the largest amount of pollutants are due to the production of various construction materials and to the energy required during their service.The use of nanomaterials in the composition of some materials, such as cement, will result in significant reductions of CO 2 pollution and the use of performance thermal insulations will result in efficient use of energy for air conditioning. Moreover, nanomaterials applied to the surfaces of structural elements of the building can contribute to environmental cleaning by photocatalytic reactions.