Hyperfinite and standard unifications for physical theories

Robert A. Herrmann
2001 International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences  
A set of physical theories is represented by a nonempty subset{SNjV|j∈ℕ}of the lattice of consequence operators defined on a languageΛ. It is established that there exists a unifying injection𝒮defined on the nonempty set of significant representations for natural systemsM⊂Λ. IfW∈M, then𝒮Wis a hyperfinite ultralogic and⋃{SNjV(W)|j∈ℕ}=𝒮W(*W)∩Λ. A “product” hyperfinite ultralogicΠis defined on internal subsets of the product set*Λmand is shown to represent the application of𝒮to{W1,...,Wm}⊂M. There
more » ... W1,...,Wm}⊂M. There also exists a standard unifying injectionSWsuch that𝒮W(*W)⊂*SW(*W).
doi:10.1155/s0161171201006913 fatcat:4dz4vp3tcvehrabg2e2p46bbwm