Understanding The Patriarchy And Its Impact On Marriage Anxiety Among Post- Graduate Student Representatives

P. P. Delphi, D. V. Nithyanandan
2017 Zenodo  
This study is trying to analyse and understand the perceived attitude towards patriarchy and its influence on marriage anxiety among a state university campus post- graduate students. Perceived attitude refers to an individual's tendency to act in a particular situation which is evolved out of his/her temperament, knowledge and experience. Patriarchy is a visible as well as invisible ruling mechanism of almost every society, which has diverse negative impact on the life of every woman. London
more » ... minist Network (2013) describes Patriarchy as the societal framework characterised by current and historic unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed. The system of patriarchy evolved mainly from the gender role classification. In every patriarchal system male plays prominent role on every aspects of life. The importance of the present study relies on discovering the influence of patriarchy among post graduate class representatives as they are supposed to reflect the attitudes of the class concerned. It is hypothesised that if post graduate students have positive or negative attitude towards patriarchy and if have they developed any marital anxiety towards marriage. There are 26 departments in the university and by convenience sampling the student representatives of each departments (1 male and 1 female) were selected; thus a total of 52 were approached for the study. Then, a semi structured interview following content analysis were adopted to understand and quantify the data and thereby the orientation and pattern of the attitude and marital anxiety were discussed incorporating the theories of Patriarchy.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.839836 fatcat:mfiqeqzqhjbwvkjocrskusdjpi