Yulia Alexandrowna Griber
2017 Sovremennye Issledovaniâ Socialʹnyh Problem  
The objective of the study was informal social norms of urban culture. The paper contains the detailed description of the experimental situation and the main steps of the field research, focused on the observance of informal social norms in the sphere of urban coloristics. The experiment was conducted in three districts of Smolensk (Russia) -Leninskiy, Zadneprovskiy and Promyshlennyy. Particular attention was paid to the analysis of the results of the field research, including evaluation of
more » ... tion of participants (residents of multi-storied houses), breakers of informal norms of urban coloristics (experimenters) and casual experiment witnesses (neighbors and passersby). In addition, the accuracy of results "forecasting", done before the beginning of the experiment, is analyzed. The research was conducted using the methodology of breaking experiment that is one of the most provocative ways of studying informal norms in sociology and social psychology. The experiment allowed to draw a number of important conclusions. It showed that urban coloristics is regulated by strict informal norms, that are not noticed by citizens until a violation occurs. The power of informal norms is significantly underestimated by citizens, and their break causes a negative reaction and protest. The most important contribution to the study of informal norms of urban culture was the comparison of the reaction degree by men and women, by the residents of different districts (central, residential or blue-collar neighborhoods), by different age groups.
doi:10.12731/2218-7405-2016-12-244-260 fatcat:rrsxfeu3ljh6hl7ragcjewbx74