Design and Development of an Efficient Mining Framework for Pre-Cancerous Lesion Detection in Lung using Non-Invasive CT Imaging

The ability to analyze and identify meaningful patterns in clinical data must be addressed to provide a better understanding of disease. Currently existing solutions for disease diagnosis systems are costly, time consuming and prone to errors, due to the diversity of medical information sources. Lung Disease Diagnosis individual is based on medical images (Lung CTs) includes Lung segmentation, and the detection of cancerous lesions in the Lung. Segmenting the region of interest from medical
more » ... ing is a challenge, since the images are varied, complex and can contain irregular shapes with noisy values.In this context, the segmentation of the Region of Interest from Lung CT and detecting the pre-cancerous lesions is an important research problem that is receiving growing attention. Hence an efficient methodology on ACM based automatic segmentation and precancerous lesion detection is proposed.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.a5265.119119 fatcat:ijrobx3mobcnrg6fkfzsvx6mty