MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF LAMINATED WOOD PANEL FOR HP-SHELL : Design of hybrid structure consisting of steel beam string structure and wooden HP-shell reinforced by aramid fiber (Part2)(Structures)
HPシェル屋根に用いられた木質積層板の力学的特性 : アラミド繊維補強を用いた木造HPシェルと鉄骨張弦梁によるハイブリッド構造の設計(その2)(構造)

Naoyuki ITAGAKI, Toshihiro AIHARA, Masato MITSUI, Marin KATOV, Kuniaki ITO
2003 AIJ Journal of Technology and Design  
Adual − layered wooden HP ・ shell was used f( 〕r the Yamadera Post ofHce. The ! ayers , crossed relative to each other , are constructed of white wood boards connected with lag screws and 掬rther reinforced by aramid fiber sheet . Due to the complexity of this construction , the structura [characteristics are no し obvious. Therefore , the wbite wood material and the laminated wood panel of the HP sheU were tested , The resuhs of these experiments are as 『 bllows 、 1. The bending performance of a
more » ... laminated wood panel is equivalent to the performance of the one layer of the directions of an axis . 2, It is possible to increase theshearstrength and the rigidity ofthe laminated wood panel by aramid− fiber reinfbrcement . 1 .は じめ に 第 1 報 2)
doi:10.3130/aijt.9.101 fatcat:5onwmcdc4bgfxla4kjg42ikc5a