The Optimization of the Distribution of Source Points for the Fast Multipole Method of Fundamental Solutions Based on Genetic Algorithms

Changzheng CHEN
2016 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:The computational precision of fast multipole method of fundamental solutions mainly depends on the number and distribution of source points. In order to overcome the difficulty of determining the distribution of source points, GA-based FMMFS is proposed. The theoretical formula of this method is given, and it is used to predict the acoustic radiation field of engine surface. The results show that with the optimized distribution of source points, the number of source points and
more » ... ion points can be reduced and meanwhile the computational precision is maintained. The distance between the source points and collocation points is too less and computational errors are increased. Conversely, computational errors become small, meanwhile this enables source points become denser and induce the matrix's ill-condition. GA-based FMMFS is applied for the prediction of the acoustic radiation field of engine surface and experimental results are in good agreement with computational results. It shows that GA-based FMMFS is validated and it may also allow its application to the practical engineering problems.
doi:10.3901/jme.2016.07.196 fatcat:wu4xiboaenbblgdczevlypqsfe